Monthly Package Subscriptions

Satisfaction Guarantee B

If you are unhappy with these amazing forms, within the first month of your subscription, you will receive a full refund.


$ 59
  • Employee Onboarding Set: Includes Employee Information, IRS W4, USCIS I9, Direct Deposit and Non Discolsure Agreement NDA
  • Unlimited Entries
  • Form Maintenance: Includes legal updates and form design
  • BONUS - Use of our entire single use form library. New forms added monthly.


50% Savings
$ 139
  • All of the 5 Forms Plan
  • 5 Custom Forms Designed For Your Business


60% Savings
$ 159
  • All Of The 10 Forms Plan
  • 5 Additional Custom Forms Designed For Your Business
Best value
All subscriptions include a 7 day trial period, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

If our design team is creating custom forms for your business, your 7 day trial period will not commence until you have use of any one of your forms.

5, 10, 15 Forms? Employee Onboarding? Form Maintenance?

What does it all mean?

5, 10 or 15 Forms​

This is the number of forms you will have available for your clients and/or staff to complete. Examples: Employment Application, New Client, or Appointment Request. If you utilized these examples, this would be 3 forms.

Employee Onboarding

When hiring new employees, paperwork can be a nightmare. You must keep blank documents for new staff to fill out, a printer, or copy machine in the event you need additional copies and to make copies of identification and social security cards if required. Our Onboarding Form does it all. A simple 5-10 minute form that your new staff member can complete from their home will generate the following PDF’s: Employee Information, IRS W4, USCIS I9, Direct Deposit and NDA Non Disclosure Agreement, or Authorization for Background Check.

Form Maintenance

If you have selected a form that is provided by a third party, such as IRS form W4, this form will be updated to the current version at no additional cost to you. Also, any updates to our current library will be auto updated to your account. Everyone loves a new look.

Form updates, or alterations

Should you require an update, or alteration to a custom form, there will be an additional charge for this service. These fees can be found under the Industry Specific Link above, or by clicking this link. Design and Alterations

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