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How many variations of stuffed french toast do we offer?(Required)
Substituting bacon for chorizo sausage in huevos rancheros is allowed?(Required)
Is chili included with the southern scrambed?(Required)
Substituting hash browns for french fries on a club sandwich is allowed?(Required)
How many pieces of cheese are included with a grilled cheese?(Required)
Are onions included on a side salad?(Required)
How many pieces of bread are included with a half order of french toast?(Required)
A full side of bacon includes four strips?(Required)
What type of steak is a trail boss?(Required)
How many deep fried chicken tacos are included with the entree?(Required)
May a customer order a set of silver dollar pancakes with a pony? If so, is there a charge?(Required)
Lunch chimichangas are topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese?(Required)
What items are not included with a harley breakfast?(Required)
Which two meats are included with a skillet?(Required)
Three eggs are included with a low carb breakfast?(Required)
How many variations of chili do we offer?(Required)
Are chili rellenos pre-prepared prior to deep frying?(Required)
Which meat is included in a breakfast burrito?(Required)
Cheese is included with omelettes?(Required)
Name this entree: Eggs, meat selection, hash browns, toast or pancakes.(Required)
Chipped beef includes hash browns?(Required)
Are the beans vegetarian friendly?(Required)
A sampler may be ordered with all bacon?(Required)
We serve gluten free bread?(Required)
How many eggs are included with a light breakfast?(Required)
What vegetarian options do we offer?(Required)
Name this entree: Eggs, meat and one biscut and gravy.(Required)
How many pieces of bacon are included on a BLT?(Required)
Do we offer poached eggs?(Required)
How many pieces of meat are included with a jr. pony?(Required)
You may substitute the included scrambled egg in a biscuit bowl with another type of egg?(Required)
Build an omelette is the same as a just an omelette?(Required)
May a customer substitute meat on a breakfast burrito?(Required)
A deep fried jalepeno is included with:(Required)
Choice of eggs is allowed on a southern scramble?(Required)
A wagon master includes:(Required)
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