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Daily Evaluation

Staff Member being Evaluated(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Arrived On-Time?(Required)
Arrived with personal cup and lid?(Required)
Arrived Presentable?(Required)
Clean, Hair Up, Wrinkle Free Clothes?
Arrived Prepared?(Required)
Apron, Bank, Server Book?
Are drinks added first on their guest checks? (Tickets)(Required)
Drinks are to be added first on ALL guest checks. (Tickets)
Have they added one drink to every meal on the guest check? (Ticket)(Required)
Friendly and Personable?(Required)
Confident when taking an order?(Required)
Do they know the menu and are able to suggest entrees when customer is ordering single items. Example: Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Hash Browns = Pony Breakfast
Ability to answer question?(Required)
Efficient at re-filling drinks?(Required)
Participates in greeting customers at the door?(Required)
Speaks clearly and looks at guest when speaking.
Efficient at prepping for next rush?(Required)
Full hand in, full hands out?(Required)
Are they always carrying something when too and from the dining rooms?
Team player?(Required)
Coffee rounds, pre-bussing, running food?
Do they treat every customer as if they were their server??(Required)
Excessive socializing?(Required)
Standing around talking vs. doing work and team playing.
Clocks out and back in from breaks?(Required)
Do they know how to do this?
Ability too handle their section without issue?(Required)
This will help determine if they are capable of a busy section.
Ability to communicate efficiently with co-worker's?(Required)
How well is the communication with other areas in the restaurant?
Completes side work efficiently and in a timely manner?(Required)
Side-work signed off when completed?(Required)
Once side-work is completed, do they have supervisor/manager sign off that all work has been completed?
Clocked out properly?(Required)
Clocked out correctly as soon as work has been completed.
Z-report has been completed properly?(Required)
All credit card receipts have been accounted for and arranged in a professional manner.
Knowledgeable of closing procedure?(Required)
Are they aware of closing items: tv's turned off, stereo turned off as well as open sign?
What the condition of the restaurant acceptable once the have left?(Required)
Were all duties completed as instructed?
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